Adding Storage Rails to your Garage wall

Adding Storage Rails to your Garage wall

If you want to add in some storage to your garage without panelling all the walls then the DuraTrax Rail System might just what you've been looking for.

Adding rails to your garage wall - MyGarage Installation Guide

First of all you need to get the Rails installed on your garage wall and all it takes is a few simple tools and a few hours work.  Installation guide below...

Then it is as simple as getting hooks, racks and shelves that fasten onto the rail and that can store all your items.  We have storage solutions for almost anything you need to store in your garage from bikes and hoses to tools and ladders.

Rail Installation Guide

1. Get your tools together

Just a few basic tools are what you need to create a professional finish in your garage.  So get them together before you start.

Tools required to fit our rail system into your garage

2. Decide where the rail will go

This might sound a simple step but deciding on the best place for rail might not be obvious.  Think about what you will be storing and the best location in your garage for it.  Space may also be a restriction so think about this too.


3. Level the rail and mark the holes

Hold your rail up to the wall making sure it is straight, you may need two people for this.  Then mark the areas where the holes need to go as shown in the diagram below.

4. Drill holes and insert plugs

Remove the rail, drill your holes and insert the plugs.


5.  Fasten the Rail base into the wall

Using screws fix the rail base to the wall.


6. Slide or snap the Rail cover onto the base


Your Rail is now ready to use and attach various hooks and racks to.  For any questions please do get in touch.

To buy the Rail which is 1220mm in length, click here.
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