Alternatives to Discontinued Stock

Alternatives to Discontinued Stock

Discontinued Stock Alternatives


Unfortunately we have had a number of items on our e-store that have been discontinued by our suppliers.  These items include our UltraFlex Bike Rack, fixed tyre racks and ball baskets. 

However, here are some good alternatives that you might not have thought of!

Bike Storage

It is such a shame that the Ultraflex Bike Rack has been put aside by our supplier but we still have a great bike storage option for you.  Perfect for those who want to mount their bike easily on the wall, this Horizontal Bike Kit comes with two bike racks and length of rail for easily attaching to your garage wall.

Horizontal Bike Rack

Tyre Storage

Our fixed tyre racks may have been discontinued but we do have a good and useful alternative in the form of our adjustable strap bracket.  It can be either used on its own by the aid of a large mounting block or as part of your rail storage solution.

Tyre Storage

Ball Storage

The ball storage basket was such a great option and we are really sad to see this go from the range.  However, single balls can be easily mounted on our rail storage with the help of these ball racks.  Choose to have one or a whole number of them.

Ball Storage


Magnetic Tool Bars

Easily hang up your tools with the help of this magnetic tool bar.  Although discontinued we still do have limited stock left so worth getting in quick before they all go!

Magnetic Tool Bar


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