Bike Storage Ideas for your Garage Wall

Bike Storage Ideas for your Garage Wall

Storing bikes in your garage can be a nightmare, but only if you haven't chosen the right storage option.

Bike Storage Ideas for your Garage Wall

We wanted to share some ideas showcasing how you can store not just one, but multiple bikes on your garage wall without it costing a fortune OR taking up loads of space.

In the image below, our rail system is installed and then Vertical Bike Hooks added in to take for bikes in a small space.  We feel this is a very good use of the available space and looks good too.


Another Vertical Bike Hook option is to store your bikes against the wall.  This is particularly useful if the garage is small and you don't want them jutting out too far.

Bike Storage by MyGarage South Africa

Then we have a horizontal bike rack option where the bike is held in place a hook on each wheel, keeping them tidy and organised. 

This garage makes use of both types of bike storage with some being stored vertically and others horizontally.  It really depends how you want your garage to look and the available space.

And finally, we have an Ultraflex Bike Hook which allows you to store your bikes in both positions depending on your preference.

To enquire or find out more about any of our bike storage options, please do get in touch by emailing us at and we would be delighted to help you get the right storage for your garage!

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