Design Tips to Organise your Garage

Design Tips to Organise your Garage

Is your garage in need of a makeover? If you’re finding it difficult to store that single most important item in your garage — your car — it’s time to get organised!

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on the road to an organised garage.

Use it or dump it.

If you haven’t used an item within the last two years it’s safe to assume it can go. When cleaning out the garage, decide which items should be kept and those which can either be “Gumtree’d”, dumped or better still donated to charity. It’s probably best to safely dispose of old paint and oil cans and empty cleaning supply bottles.

If it’s out of sight it’s out of mind

Always place items that are used most often at eye level or below. The same goes for heavier items, these should always be stored at a lower level. Seasonal items can be kept on higher shelves or suspended from the ceiling. Choose ventilated wire shelves, wire baskets and pull-out wire drawers which allow visibility to what you’re storing — they also prevent dust and dirt from collecting. If necessary, store items in boxes or bags to keep them clean — clear containers will let you see immediately what’s inside.

Hang It Store It Find It

Typically, 70% of items stored in a garage can be kept on shelving — the other 30%, such as bicycles, long handled tools and sports equipment are generally stored on a hook. You’ll need a combination of rails, shelving, drawers, baskets, mounting blocks, wall bands and hooks to keep everything organized. Shelving is simple, hang a rail, hang wall bands from the rail attached brackets to the wall band and wire shelf to the bracket. Hooks can either be attached to a rail or a mounting block fixed to the wall.

Creating areas or zones within your garage will help the family know where to find items and hopefully know where to put them back, a bike zone to hang bikes, helmets and shoes.

Every little bit helps

Storage is always in limited supply therefore use all available space. Consider storing items under a workbench, behind the door, suspended from the ceiling and of course use as much wall space as possible. A wide variety of hooks some generic other very specific like a racket rack or vertical bicycle hook are all available to safely store your prized belongings. Modular shelving, racking and overhead storage are suited to maximise every inch of space in your garage.

Store those small hardware items such as screws, nails, nuts and bolts in tip-out bins or stackable lin-bins. A good idea would be to label the bins to correspond with its contents. This will provide easy access to those often used, but sometimes hard to find items.

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