Drab & Dull to Neat & Tidy: Garden Room Storage Makeover

Drab & Dull to Neat & Tidy: Garden Room Storage Makeover

New storage options for this Garden Storage Room in Atholl, Joburg

We believe that every space deserves to be neat, tidy and beautifully organised. So when we saw this garden store room in Atholl, we couldn't wait to get started to create a bespoke storage space.

Once the space had been decluttered, it was time to get on with designing the space using some of our innovative storage options such as our modular home shelving system and our garage rail storage system. ​

The end result is a brilliant space, organised, neat and just what the customer needed. Now tools, packs of water, garden items and more are neatly stored - no fuss, no drama, just great storage.

And we were delighted to work with the fabulous Julia from Oh So Organised on this wonderful project.

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