How to Attach our Storage Hooks to your Rail Storage System

How to Attach our Storage Hooks to your Rail Storage System

If you are looking to find out just how easy it is to attach one of our many storage hooks to your Rail Storage System then check out this short video from the manufacturer, Kenovo DuraTrax.

It's simple, easy to do and takes just a few seconds to securely attach or un-attach the hook to your rail and move it to a different location.


What are the benefits of using our Rail Storage System?

With our Rail Storage System, it's all about customisation as you can pick and choose the storage hooks that are right for you and your lifestyle. Whether it's hooks for tools, shelves for supplies, or racks for bikes, we've got everything you need to craft your perfect garage layout.

Easy Set-Up: It's easy to mount one of our Rails to your Garage Wall and create a wonderful new storage space. This could be a designated laundry area with hooks and shelves, set up a bike corner with storage racks and hooks or even create a centralised area for all your sports kit.

Expand at Your Pace: Whether you started with one of professional installations or you are embarking on a new DIY project, our system allows for gradual expansion. Add accessories over time as required, as all items are readily available for purchase from our online store. This ensures your garage storage system evolves to suit your changing needs and tastes.

Tailored Wall Coverage: Our rails offer the flexibility to cover only part of the wall if desired. Easily cut them to fit any space, with each accessory effortlessly hanging from the rail, allowing for seamless item rearrangement as necessary.

Versatility and Mobility: Our Rail Storage System offers unparalleled flexibility and ease of installation. Moreover, should you relocate, simply disassemble the system and transport it to your new garage with ease.

Maximise your Space: By incorporating rails into various areas of your garage, you can maximise space utilisation and make the most of every inch for storage. This is particularly advantageous for homes with limited storage options, enabling you to fully utilise your garage space.


Why not take a look at our full collection here.

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