Is your garage fit for purpose?

Is your garage fit for purpose?

Is your garage fit for purpose?

We are forever buying items whether it be for the home, kids toys, diy items or even clothing.  But where do we store everything?

Having a good declutter is a necessity every now and then but we are always left with items that we need to keep but don't necessarily have anywhere to store.  And that's where your garage comes in.

We only want to keep in our homes the items that we use on a daily basis.  For anything else ideally we would use the garage.

First off - Can you actually get into your garage? 

If the answer is no then you need to have a declutter as soon as possible! Our blog on decluttering may come in useful here.

Could it benefit from a bit of organisation?

Most of us store our cars in the garage which obviously takes up quite a lot of room but we usually have some additional space to use. 

Is your garage fit for purpose?

Look at the space you have and how you currently use it.  If it Is a bit of a jumble think about how you could organise it better - could you add in wall storage or even use the ceiling. 

Getting items off the floor will instantly make the space feel larger.

Think about specific storage accessories

If you have lots of bikes then chances are a few bike racks would be a good idea.  If you love diy or crafting then some tip out bins, a workbench or baskets might come in handy.  Let the way you use your garage guide you to pick the storage accessories that are right for you.

Need a helping hand?

We know it can be a daunting prospect to do this all on your own.  That's why we offer a full design and installation service to help you make the most of your space.  Let us work alongside you to transform it into a space you love!

We offer two options either installing our Rail system or by panelling your existing garage walls.  Both options provide a storage solution that expertly organises your garage, making it a joy to be in.

Our Rail System uses rails that are attached to your garage wall and then storage accessories such as hooks, baskets, shelves and racks can be added easily.

The Panel System uses our white wall cladding to cover the entire wall.  A good option if your walls are not the prettiest!  With a selection of storage accessories to help you make the most of the space including racks, hooks, shelves and cabinets.

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