Making the most of your Closet space

Making the most of your Closet space


Whether your dressing area is a small corner of your bedroom or a luxurious walk in affair, having everything neatly stored can make a difference to the time spent looking for that key item.

So with this in mind, we are looking at how you can make the most of your closet space and keep everything neat, tidy and organised.


Start with a BIG sort out

We all have items that are past it, don't fit, or even have a few holes in.  Now is the time to have a big sort out.  Get rid of all the items that you don't need and either sell them, recycle them or give them to a local charity shop.  This will make your wardrobe much more manageable.


Make the space fit for purpose

How can you expect to create an organised space if you don't yet have the right storage?  By making sure you have enough hanging space for your clothes, drawers or baskets for scarves, belts and other accessories, shelving for knitwear and space for shoes, the space will instantly feel less cluttered.

Try installing more of the type of storage you use.  If you have a lot of dresses, make sure there is plenty of full length hanging space, if it is shoes add in shoe shelving or have space for shoe boxes to be put in neatly.

The image below shoes you a small part of our range on home storage solutions.  Easy to add to your wall, you can choose from a number of different configurations to create an area that is perfect for you.

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Summer vs Winter

If you have different clothes for different seasons then alternating them is probably a wise move.  Why would you have your Summer season clothes out during the colder months?  This is a great way of creating more space in your wardrobe too as you can store out of season clothing somewhere else, like the garage.  Just make sure it is clean, dry and of course you have some storage solutions here.  For some ideas on how we can help with this, click here,


Storing Shoes

Very difficult to store are shoes.  Do you keep yours in the boxes or are they a bit of a jumble?  If you are prefer to keep them in boxes then it makes them easier to store, try taking a picture of each pair and sticking it to the front of the box.  That way, you'll always know which pair is in which box!

If you have your shoes loose then how about adding some shoe shelving, boxes or baskets.  You could put different types together such as sandals, work shoes, sports shoes etc.

Shoe shelving garage storage home mygarage


Time to put it all back in - neatly!

So you've sorted out the space itself, now it is time to put it all back in, but what's the best way of doing it so that you can find what you need?  We've been told by a number of home organisers that you should first divide your items in to type such as dresses, trousers, skirts, jackets, shoes, belts etc. 

Then if you want to take it even further you could further segment it by colour.  Once you've done this, you can add your items back in, try adding matching hangers to create a pleasing look.


Is that really the end?

Great job - are you feeling better about your wardrobe?  Unfortunately you probably need to schedule time every 6 months to go through and clear out the clutter.  Some experts even say that for every new item you buy, one should go out! 

Decluttering the closet can be particularly useful when it comes to kids clothing as they grow so quickly.  It may feel like a constant chore but it really does make you feel better and stops their wardrobes becoming overly full.


So to finish...

We hope that by now not only will your closet now look more organised, you'll be able to find what you need so you will be saving time every time you get ready.  And isn't this one thing that we all need, more time?!  Good luck!

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