About us

We offer a solution for every garage or storeroom and our aim is to provide a safe, functional and beautiful room in the garage.

The garage is a convenient space to put all your stuff that doesn’t quite go anywhere else – especially if you are renovating or have just moved in, you just pop everything in the garage just until you get round to sorting it out. This room no sooner becomes a danger zone with all sorts of trip hazards and your cars – which are one of your biggest investments – could be scratched or dented – that’s if you even have space to park them inside the garage! You are ashamed of what your visitors may think.

It is our job to fix this.

We have an accessory to store almost anything. The system is wall mounted, keeping the floor clear of clutter and creating more usable space – making it easier to find what you need, when you need it.

We bring flexibility to your home, whether you choose our Rail System or the premium Slatwall System or a combination of the two. You can move everything around without drilling another hole. Typical scenarios include if you upsize your car or now need a home office or a playroom for the kids this space is easily adaptable.

If you are selling your home, there is no doubt the system increases the appeal and the value. You also have the option of relocating the fittings to your next home.

Taking the next step from chaos to calm.

We can do it all for you from design to installation but there is absolutely no “hard sell”. You can decide if you want to just do a section or have a complete makeover. We will also guide you if decide to go the DIY route.

The sense of achievement is amazing, beyond the initial WOW factor that is guaranteed after just two days,. The product has long-term value – our testimonials speak for themselves.